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The panel picked Auburn to finish ninth and Tennessee to finish 13th in voting released Oct. The Tigers and Volunteers tied for the SEC regular-season title with records of after both teams posted victories Saturday. Tennessee Coach Rick Barnes said the credit for Tennessee’s surprising run to a co-championship belongs with the players. We’ve got guys in the program that a year ago going into February, we were a team everybody talked about being on the bubble, and we didn’t get it finished. So they’ve had some different experiences that they’ve learned from. Kentucky was picked to win the title for the 13th time since the season. Missouri and Arkansas, picked to finish fifth and sixth, respectively, have those exact seeds for the SEC Tournament in St. But the Aggies weren’t the team that finished furthest below expectations because that distinction went to Vanderbilt, picked to finish seventh before coming in 13th after losing preseason All-SEC second-team pick Matthew Fisher-Davis. LSU, chosen to finish last by the media, tied for ninth with Alabama, five spots higher than expected. Mississippi State also finished five spots ahead of projections after being picked 12th.

Bosch Wideband 5-wire O2 sensor-17025

By utilizing miniature surface mount electronics technology, digital signal processing techniques, and a switching power supply for the sensor heater, the WEGO III provides the same level of accuracy as lab systems costing thousands of dollars. All WEGO systems provide quick and easy at-a-glance verification and adjustment of the sensor free-air calibration.

Data logging for wide-band oxygen sensor 2 is not interrupted when percent ethanol display mode is selected. The WEGO wire harness includes a connector for the flex fuel sensor. A minor modification is required to cut off two keying tabs at sides of the connector white arrows in figure below.

This is not the first time Coates has had trouble with glory holes, said Cpt. Russell Rogé, LSU Police Department spokesman. Police responding to complaints from students made a series of arrests in involving the same restroom in Coates.

If you have a high horsepower nitrous system in a vehicle with limited traction, you can use time or RPM based progressive control to reduce the power output in the mid-RPM range or off the starting line to eliminate problems with wheel spin. By independently modulating the fuel and nitrous solenoids, you can control the AFR. This is especially useful for late model fuel injected vehicles. Each stage is independently programmable based on throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, time delay, and first gear lockout.

Output for purge solenoid requires external relay and programmable automatic purge when system is armed. Flexible RPM input compatible with high voltage coil drive vehicles with coil packs or distributor ignition , standard 12 volt tach signal, or low level logic drive newer vehicles with coil-on plug.

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Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial Statistics and Public Policy, Feb 8, Racial bias in predictive policing algorithms has been the focus of a number of recent news artic There is reasonable concern that predictive algorithms encourage directed police patrols to target minority communities with discriminatory consequences for minority individuals. However, to date there have been no empirical studies on the bias of predictive algorithms used for police patrol.

Here we test for such biases using arrest data from the Los Angeles predictive policing experiments. We find that there were no significant differences in the proportion of arrests by racial-ethnic group between control and treatment conditions.

Beautiful setting near LSU, casinos & area attractions. Award-winning facility w/ water, elec. hook-ups & sewer dump. Exit I @ College, South 5 mi. to River Rd.

Get your self a few Haka. The neighborhood also conducted a Haka before the Tigers blew out then No. Can’t see video below? Fehoko explained on the dance and chant intended to prepare for conflict: Ed Orgeron appears able to run via a wall — and he is ready to take you with him. Follow live updates here. LSU’s Breiden Fehoko, family get pumped with pregame ritual Related News LSU’s Breiden Fehoko, family perform incredible Haka dance before Alabama game 1 week ago It comes as no surprise that before LSU’s biggest game of the year so far, defensive end Breiden Fehoko and his family performed an even bigger version of their now-famous pregame ritual.

Lethal crowns King 9 hours ago No matter what Tom Petty sang sometimes it isn’t good to be king. Fabulous freshmen led Vanderbilt again.

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Fortunately, more illuminating tales of professor-student relationships are available in the realm of imaginative literature. She thereby exposes an ugly little secret: Blue Angel is even more relevant today than when it was first published nearly twenty years ago. It is a good reminder of how untrue it is that only now can aggrieved women speak out. In the hands of a spirited and talented writer, the resources of fictional narrative — its potential for shifting points of view, for negotiating jumps in time and space, for interior monologues and musings, startling imagery and evocative turns of phrase — can at least attempt to convey the dense inner life and events that define human existence, in the academy and out of it.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) throws a pass during pregame warm-ups before kickoff in LSU’s home opener against Southeastern, Saturday, September 8, , on LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge, La.

Prospective customers should ask whether a given system meets two important criteria: Is auto-tuning real-time and continuous? Continuous means that the system makes corrections whenever it is running. Can the user monitor, control, and override the auto-tuning corrections? Any “feedback” system using a sensor to make corrections is subject to operating regions where instabilities or errors exist. Only the TCFI system meets both criteria.

Correction values are in percent units.

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Moments later, coach Dan Mullen provided the energy to a sellout crowd, whipping it into a frenzy while he hopped up and down in the south end-zone tunnel and waved his arms like a man possessed. The stage was a set for a emotional and memorable day in the Swamp. Mullen and the No. That’s something that’s huge for this team. Huge win for us going forward. With UF celebrating the year anniversary

NOTE: As it is required to use an ethernet cable to connect ALL Gaming Systems, the Nintendo 3DS cannot connect to LSU’s network due to the lack of an ethernet port. This also applies to all handheld Gaming Systems and/or any that lack an ethernet port.

Took longer than I thought to get all the photos from Easter into the computer but here they are, a celebration of innocence and joy seeings how it took place on 4 20 and there were many and varied takes on the conjunction, but locally we did the usual: Pisgah, the roundtop between Eugene and points East, then descended to the pavilion at the bottom for potluck, another neat conjunction, this time of words. Here, in the parking lot, Kit Kesey and son Hendrix in his bug proof backpack carryall, are ready for the climb.

I was the straggler, lagging behind, and when we approached the top, the rest of the gang was coming down. Liz and Eileen encouraging me on. Here they come, Bill Thompson and his dog. Sheryl Thompson and Taylor Thompson and Taylor’s girl friend can’t remember her name. Zane Kesey and Jay Smith, a pause for the cause, ’cause they like to look. The monument atop Mt. Pisgah that was commissioned by Ken Kesey and cast by Pete Helzer, with a relief on top of the mountains directly East and prehistoric shells and leaves on the sides, two vertical slots through the monument, one shown on the right where the rising sun comes through on the Solstice and the other where the setting sun shines through.

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Structural Change and Performance. Edited by Donald W. Gallagher and Reynold P.

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OEM6 is not a stand-along controller and requires regulated power 5 Volts as well as access to full battery power for sensor heater operation. It is supplied an assembled and tested board as described below. The 2J design uses simpler circuitry compared to other Tech Edge units. The number 6 in OEM6 has no particular significance – it just happend to be part of the name of our original OEM6 customer’s module.

OEM6 is approximately 38 x 38mm around 1. After startup heating, the heater typically runs continuously at an average current of less than 1A at 12 Volts, but less at higher voltages. The module’s absolute maximum operating voltage is The module will turn off if the minimum and maximum voltages are not maintained. The module, unlike other units we sell, cannot tolerate reverse battery connection and has no heater voltage spike protection.

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LSU has their work cut out for them this year considering they lost many guys to the NFL this past season on both sides of the ball. The backfield may be the biggest concern for Orgeron considering he likes to run a pro-style offense but he lacks a running back who scored in LSU should have a QB battle come fall but they will have some good targets to throw to with their latest transfers and signees on campus.

The Official Website of LSU’s Athletics Department located in Baton Rouge, La., and founded in

On the face of the case with the sticker can be found: Auto-cal Button – When held down, initiates the Auto-cal sequence which is indicated by a series of flashes on the status LED more info below. The positive is also indicated with a piece of red heatshrink at the end of the cable. We do NOT supply a cigarette lighter plug because we prefer you organise a proper connection, possibly with an in-line a 5 Amp fuse.

The cable should be trimmed to a minimum length and connected to at least The sensor should be powered up with the motor – preheating is not necessary. Be aware that a badly positioned sensor can be damaged during the vehicle warm-up stage when condensation can occur within the sensor body – this is not an issue if the sensor is properly positioned. You should NOT leave the sensor in an exhaust stream with the sensor un-powered because it will become clogged with carbon that is normally burnt off before it can accumulate.

The distance from the sensor to the controller, using normal cables, is 2. The correct controller-to-sensor cable should be used either for LSU 4.

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Hooked this up to where the cable came in, split between 6 TV’s and the signal is fine. For the cost of 1 cable bill this antenna is well worth the investment. Lynda Cook Rating Good product does what it says. Jeffrey Kenney Rating This is an amazing upgrade. The quality was so good that I decided to install in my attic instead of on top of the house.

LSU has played a critical role in the breeding and development of many cultivars that you can find at nurseries and garden centers. Plant Easter lilies in the garden (Video 04/09/18) LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains how Easter lilies can be planted in .

Wire up your sensor according to instructions in section wideband hardware Configure correct sensor type for each channel LSU4. Select the sensor you want to calibrate either first or second. Make sure the sensor has power fuse plugged in Start calibration with some low calibration value, eg. Put the sensor back in exhaust, proceed to second sensor if needed Wideband calibration is a good verification of the setup, necessary to repeat if something is changed in either sensor, connections or configuration.

While the sensor looks rugged externally, its internal ceramic element is quite fragile. Handle with care, do not drop on the floor and do NOT leave in the exhaust when not controlled but engine is running, the carbon deposit buildup will kill the sensor.

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