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First of all, the Yucatan Peninsula consists of three states: The area gets a lot of press as a dreamy vacation destination with its white sand beaches and crystal blue water, Maya archeological sites, colonial Mexican cities with colonial style architecture and delicious food. In the past ten years, many people have moved to Merida, the capital of Yucatan State, for lots of good reasons: Online and in person. Yes, this has happened! OMG — as the millennials say.

Why You Should Move to Mexico in 2018

Some of the limits of online surveys like ours is that they do not reach everyone they claim to report on. For example, it must be said that the data in this book really only represent Baby Boomer expats in Mexico who have an internet connection and participate in online forums or communities. That being said, based on the responses, we could conclude that there are more expat women than men in Mexico, or, we could conclude that women are more likely than men to have an internet connection and participate in online forums or communities.

I have concluded that not only do the survey data suggest there are more female than male expats in Mexico, my own personal experience, and that of others I spoke to on the subject also seem to suggest that women do indeed outnumber men. Even more interesting, the data show that women are almost twice as likely to arrive in Mexico either single or divorced as men. One of the unexpected outcomes of this imbalance was the discovery of a vibrant Mexico Boomer dating scene.

Mexico has more North American expats than any other foreign country in the world. And no wonder. And no wonder. It’s close and convenient, it’s largely First World, and it offers a cost of living as low as half that of the U.S. and Canada.

October 23, Going Solo: We also see who attends our live-overseas conferences. And the numbers pretty accurately reflect demographics in the U. Plenty of singles live abroad already. And more look to be joining them all the time. I was tired of high-stress jobs and wanted to enjoy life while I was still relatively young. But in Mexico, where the cost of living is much lower, my budget affords me a very comfortable lifestyle.

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Mexico is already the most popular country for American and Canadian expats. Estimates put the number of expats in Mexico at well over 1 million and increasing every year.

Menu Getting Over Homesickness Once you get your basic necessities arranged and the excitement of your new country wears off a bit, you could find yourself moving through the stages of homesickness. You are, after all, mourning the death of your former existence to a large degree. According to the article Feeling homesick? Confronted by feelings of loss, many immigrants experience a profound sense of grief.

Grief is a natural emotional reaction to loss. Theorists suggest that it is characterized by five stages — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, otherwise known as the grief cycle. At times I was at absolute war with my new surroundings. I mean I resisted everything. Eventually I stopped beating myself up about how I was handling life as an expat, and accepted that I was indeed moving through the stages of homesickness. I resigned myself to dealing with things one day at a time…some days I was totally fine, others weepy here and there.

But the days between those emotions eventually grew as I adjusted. I came to genuinely enjoy many things about Sydney in spite of my frustration , and the truth is, now, it is forever a part of my heart. You will adjust, but it might take six months to a year or longer. The process is very individual and you may or may not experience severe homesickness depending on what happened in your life before you moved overseas.

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Lake Chapala gets into your heart and becomes home. The Lake Chapala community is composed of a string of villages, mostly on the north shore, with Ajijic being the crown jewel of the area in terms of artisans, charm and amenities. Horses clopping down the road, vendors selling fresh fruit, women weaving, live music everywhere from classical to salsa and teenagers helping their grandmothers are common sights.

The most compelling reasons are listed below. The weather, of course, is a huge draw. National Geographic touts Lake Chapala as the 2nd best climate in the world.

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Paper, Paste and Celebration: Even those of the Linares family, whose work regularly results in invitations to present in Mexico and abroad, live very modestly, in poor neighborhoods, and many wearing the same paint-spattered clothes every day. Most of the youngest generations of family workshops have moved onto better-paying professions which urban areas offer. It should be noted that living in urban areas often means a higher cost-of-living.

Most of the market in Mexico, with the exception of alebrijes, is still for festivals, with the aim of not keeping the piece permanently. This is particularly true for very large and monumental pieces. While many urban dwellers may not be able to earn a living from the craft, there are many who have the financial means to take the craft on as a hobby or artistic endeavor. It is a manifestation of their creativity, whether they make creations that are decorative, or those which have some kind of message.

According to craftswoman Clara Romero Murcia, It is noble because you start with something that no one wants, like old newspaper to create something wonderful. They simply see the work and pay you for that. The decreasing stress on family economically means that the traditional family workshops are likely to disappear in the next two or three generations. For these newcomers, the need to earn some money from their efforts may be there, but it does not serve as a primary means to support a family.

Mexico City: hordes of British expats are struggling to find work

I play drums in an open-mic band. In the summer, a friend and I put on a camp for kids in one of the villages. Audrey had worked odd jobs all over the US.

I’m a 25 year resident of Merida, Mexico in the Yucatan peninsula. I moved here for work and love, and now I’m seeing a huge influx of expats joining the party here. Thinking About Retiring in Mexico? The Yucatan Peninsula is a Fantastic Option! This is an ancient Mexican law (dating back to the Conquest) to protect Mexican borders.

To live as an expat in Mexico can be very rewarding and here is an article to help you see if Baja or Mainland Mexico is for you. Whenever I travel to the U. Lately this question has come up a lot more with the Americans and Canadians that are tired of living in the north with the higher costs of living and evidently a lower quality of life. I explain relocating to Baja or anywhere in Mexico is not for everybody but it has been a great home to me for more than 25 years.

I originally moved to Baja and became an expat living in Mexico not because I had a problem with the U. I just liked the weather , the water sports like sailing, windsurfing, diving and surfing and the cheaper costs of living. Let me address the violence issue right off. While of course Mexico has problems, crimes and many times violent crime related to drug trafficking, it is not the norm in most of the country and definitely not in Baja.

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It is my favorite site in Brazil and just happens to be where I met my wife who is a native of Brazil. I also had previously used another Cupid Media site, AfroIntroductions. BrazilCupid was started in and has more than 1 million members. Like all of the sites on the Cupid Media network, BrazilCupid has a well-designed, easy-to-use interface, with basic free profiles, and a lot of great features for its premium members.

In central Mexico are two of the most popular spots for expats to move: the Lake Chapala area and San Miguel de Allende. Both places have large gringo populations – large enough to affect the local economy.

I have been single since I understand the problems of being single; doing things alone, making all the decisions and meeting other single people. I like to joke with my friends about being single. I say, The biggest advantage of being married is that you can always blame your partner for bad decisions. There is no one else to blame if you are single. The statistics are not good if you are an older single woman.

I am talking about meeting a man, nothing else. There are so many older single women than men. When I first arrived in Guadalajara I met an American man my age going through customs. He joked about what he and his friends called, The Casserole Women. He said if a man’s wife dies here within a short time a line of single American women show up at his door with casseroles. I went to a class yesterday and there was one man, a very nice looking, intelligent, single American man teaching it and eight or so women, one other man There is a lot of competition here for men.

Best and worst countries for American expats in 2018

He took a step back, squinted, and suggested botox injections around my eyes. Then he shrug his shoulders and said, well, yes, Europeans always went for a more natural look. However, this conversation got stuck in my head.

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You can be here for the period of time marked on your FMT before you have to leave the country. If you wish to be here longer for days for work or residency then you need to apply for an FM3 or FM2 residency visa. I can tell you that people are known to just leave the country after six months and come back in on another tourist visa for another 6 months. There are people that have been living in Mexico like that for years and even decades. We have “heard” through various forums and websites that this is being more closely monitored by the Mexican government via Passport monitoring.

I know a guy who has been in and out of Mexico 4 times this year alone, all on tourist visas

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May, Interesting post. In a culture that is sexually permissive to the point of 14 yr old age of consent, legal prostitution, lots of cocaine present, and poverty in general, it stands to reason that there would be a good deal more sexual activity. I think that men have often cheated in Latin Culture because it is almost expected and women accept it as a reality. Many times the woman is in NO place to eject her man from the home, so she has to accept it.

This widespread thinking, though, would necessarily lead women to the idea that fucking whoever they want is just as acceptable, especially in the age of condoms and abortion clinics and penecillin.

I think that women’s preferences are so diverse that creating a list of the best & worst countries for female expats can be difficult. But there are a few factors that can give us real insight into where some good bets might be and where you should definitely think twice before going.

All of this travelling motivated her to establish Ventanas Mexico, helping singles relocate to Mexico. She is currently living in Mazatlan, Mexico, and is undecided whether she wants to move back to the U. The combination of great friends she has made living in Mexico and the low cost of living has made it her own paradise. Kerry has accrued vast financial knowledge and wants singles to understand the financial and social benefits of being an expat living in Mexico.

A distinguished and active blogger, she has been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, as well as other sites. What did you find to be the most difficult thing about moving to a new country? Day-to-day technology issues we take for granted in the United States, such as like computer repair. Do you speak Spanish? If so, when did you learn it? If not, does that present difficulties? Yes I do, but I am only an intermediate. Where have you noticed stark cultural differences?

Do you have a favorite website or blog about your country? What is your best tip for people moving to or visiting Mexico?

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