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Teammate How to romance Ann: Ann will automatically join your team as the story progresses. Once her social link is unlocked, you can usually find Ann in the Shibuya Underground Mall near the accessory shop during the day. Hang out with Ann enough times, and you’ll be given the chance to start a relationship when her confidant rank is high enough. Teammate How to romance Makoto: Makoto automatically joins your team as the story progresses.

How to Date Yukiko in “Persona 4”

Admin Casual Dating You have no scripts enabled. Please enable scripts to improve your experience. Dating in persona 4 is primarily represented by the social link stat between the protagonist and a female party member.

In Persona 4 The Animation, Chie is still wearing her winter outfit in Yukiko’s Castle despite the fact that she wears her school uniform in the game. In Persona 4 Golden, when wearing a Gekkoukan High uniform, Chie imitates Yukari Takeba ‘s victory pose and says her lines.

A high Social Link stat grants extra abilities to the party member. Yukiko Amagi is the most confusing dating option for most players. Unlike most characters, she is recruited without her Social Link stat being unlocked. Players cannot start working on improving her Social Link to date her until after an event in the storyline. Play through the storyline until the date in game is May Nothing you do can improve or hinder your ability to date Yukiko before this event occurs.

Equip the Priestess Persona. Possessing the Priestess Persona improves the effectiveness of any interactions you have with Yukiko. This includes when you can invite someone to lunch, invite someone to an event, pray for someone at the shrine, dream about someone or perform any other interaction. Any situation where you select a friend from a list improves the Social Link stat with the friend that is selected.

Agree to go with Yukiko whenever she calls you at home. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until Yukiko says that she loves you.

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It is the fifth game in the Persona series. It is one of the most popular games in the Persona franchise and has had several spin-offs and anime adaptations. Canon Persona 4 follows a group of high school students dealing with a mysterious TV channel dedicated to distorting and exaggerating the truth of who they are and their identities. A string of bizarre murders begins shaking their once peaceful town. They must look past what is on the screen, explore a mysterious world inside the TV and perform rescue missions in order to save its victims from death.

Only by finding and evaluating the truth among a myriad of lies can they hope to find the serial killer and save their town.

Persona 4 dating intimate relationships shin megami tensei persona 4 golden persona 4 romanceable characters just like real life, persona 4 dating you can enter intimate relationships with the girls persona 4 golden romance all in ebihara.

Crimson Wings by Chiaki Yumi reviews What if she finds herself back in the beginning, with a new role ? However, Shadows are the least of her problems; encounters new and old, add in a sister-obsessed brother she never knew she had to the picture- how will she fare this time around? Persona Series – Rated: Lateral by afterados reviews Wishing to correct past mistakes, a blue-haired boy is sent to a world all too similar to his own.

But armed with knowledge he can’t repeat, and a power no longer his own, what difference can he truly make? Once the magister takes a romantic interest in her, Emma must rely on the guidance of his favorite pet: Dragon Age – Rated: As Orihime enjoys her new life with Ulquiorra, Karakura is beset by people with strange powers, capable of taking on the Shinigami.

Ukitake The Cooper Adventures: Not just anyone can battle witches, demons, monstrous outlaws, and a war and still be alive to tell the tale. These raccoons, however, can tell you, for they have survived some of the most dangerous unexpected adventures of their lives. The Shadow of The Apocalypse by Fictioner12 reviews By the end of , the Four Horsemen will return followed by the defeat of Nyarlathotep, Nyx, Erebus and Izanami to destroy the world once and for all.

With no other choice, Philemon seek the help of Naoya Toudou: Kizuna by WindRyder1 reviews AU Yu Narukami inadvertently becomes soul-bound to a 15″ tall fox-boy yokai abandoned at the Tatsuhime shrine.

Who did you enter a relationship with in Persona 4 Golden?

Or am I already stuck. I much prefer Chie, personally, and I haven’t even interacted with Rise and Naoto yet, so I have no clue whether I’ll like them or not. Naruto is the worst wizard manga I’ve ever read.

Follow/Fav Persona 4: Hot springs with Yukiko By: Rankin de Merthyr The disaster of the overnight at the Amagi Inn is fresh on Yu’s mind, and though no fault of his, nor any of his male friends, they basically got kicked out of the bath with bruises as souvenirs.

Gameplay[ edit ] The Protagonist gains academic skills by studying in the school library. The upper-right area of the screen indicates the current date, time period, and phase of the moon. Persona 3 combines elements of traditional role-playing games and simulation games. The game follows the protagonist character, balancing their daily life of going to school and building relationships with other people with fighting evil beings known as Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour.

With the exception of scripted events, such as plot progression or special events, the player is free to choose how each day is spent, with most activities causing time to pass on. The types of activities and characters that can be interacted with vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. Additionally, some activities are limited by the protagonist’s three attributes; Academics, Charm, and Courage, which can be built by performing various activities or making certain correct choices.

On the day of the full moon, players will participate in a boss battle in order to progress the story. Whereas each of the game’s main characters has their own Persona, some of which change form as the story progresses, the protagonist is capable of wielding multiple Personas, which can be switched between during battles. The Personas that a player can create are limited by the current level of the protagonist. By spending time with these characters, these Social Links increase in rank. When creating a Persona of a particular Arcana, an experience bonus will be granted if that Arcana possesses a Social Link, with greater bonuses awarded depending on the rank.

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Though I got eight hours of sleep and did not watch the stream, I still ended up cranky and angry at the world. And I liked three out of the four new games! How can something I like make me ecstatic and piss me off so much at the time?!

Yukiko amagi is a character from persona is of er 8, Yukiko rise kujikawa, persona day, I expect and hope, you will in a nest of ruins on the main deck, on top of one of the persona 4 yukiko lovers route unexploded boilers.

This also christens the protagonist’s name to be ‘Yu Narukami’, which will be used throughout appearances like Persona 4: Cross Tag Battle Persona 4: A Compilation Movie Compressed Adaptation of the anime series. A second anime adaptation, this time based on the aforementioned Updated Re-release and done by the studio that did the anime cutscenes in the original game.

Shadow of the Labyrinth: A crossover with Persona 3 that somehow takes place during both games. Lifts its gameplay from fellow Atlus series Etrian Odyssey. This adaptation named the protagonist ‘Souji Seta’.

Pursuing My True Self – Analysis of Persona 4

Share Persona 4 the animation is a television anime series based on the Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 video game by Atlus. Produced by AIC A. After acquiring a mysterious power called “Persona”, he embarks on a journey with his new friends to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of murders involving the distorted TV World, as well as a phenomenon called the “Midnight Channel”. The series was release on DVD and Blu-ray in two collective volumes on September 18, and January 15, respectively.

Contents [ show ] Plot Inside a limousine, Igor, and his assistant Margaret, introduce themselves to the unseen visitor, and explain the nature of their location, the Velvet Room, a place that exists between “dream and reality”. Yu Narukami arrives by train to the rural city of Inaba, where he will be living with his detective uncle and cousin for a year, beginning classes at Yasogami High School the following day.

Dec 09,  · For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled “How can i make Yukiko/Rise to be my girlfriend?”%(47).

Persona 4 – Guide to get the True Ending Persona 4 dating ayane, persona 4 golden dating yukiko. Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Cooking, there will be food in your fridge you can cook with. Sport Club Hang out Event. Despite getting into numerous fights, Kanji’s greatest fear is questioning his sexuality.

Comic Persona 4 Da Win pt. Speak to Kanji at the first floor Practice corridor.

Persona 4 Amagi Yukiko 2

I really dislike two-timing female characters after I played P3P on my Vita I felt guilty and felt sorry for Yukari and Fuuka after I dated Mitsuru in the end. Should I date Yukiko or Rise?

Apr 04,  · Priestess – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden: The Priestess Arcana is given a bonus from the Yukiko Amagi Social Link. It will automatically be established on the 17th of May. After.

Admin Serious Dating Today is a big day. That crazy video game series about high school students who like to befriend and battle demons is getting another release today. And it might very well be the best one yet. Originally released for the original PlayStation as Revelations: The latest entry is Persona 5 , which is out today. The Persona series’ roots can be traced back its origins in Revelations: Persona , which debuted on the original PlayStation back in Tohru Adachi is a professional in Persona 4.

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Happens in Episode 12 of the anime, Yu is hit by a Lotus-Eater Machine set by Shadow Mitsuo in the form of experiencing his worst nightmare. All of his friends in the Investigation Team leaving his life gradually, Yosuke being the last to leave and ending with Shadow Mitsuo appearing in his room as Yu fails to summon any Personas as his Social Links have all broken. Shadow Mitsuo grows to a large size and begins strangling Yu to death. He Gets Better by Yosuke bailing him out.

It happens again in episode 21, when Nanako is kidnapped. When they find Namatame’s truck, with both Namatame and Nanako gone, he completely snaps, to the point that Teddie has to physically restrain him as he attempts to dive into the TV to follow them it was established earlier in both the game and the anime that entering any TV other than the one in Junes is extremely risky, and potentially too dangerous to attempt.

Mar 10,  · Once you max out the social link by dating one of your female party members you can do the same with other without any problems. So you can see all .

The Distorted Shadow Rin had hoped finding Shirou’s family would give him something fragile to live for, a reason to think about himself. She never expected it to lead to a year of fighting in a complex bounded field contained within TV’s of all things Why couldn’t life ever be simple? Now, because of how long it has been since this story was last updated I will skip answering reviews and just get on with the fic. So here it is. Shirou had to admit, the school building seemed reasonable enough as he walked up to the front gate on the first day of the new year, Rin walking directly next to him under his recently traced umbrella, in the black ensemble that was the Yasogami girls uniform… honestly he was so used to either her red and black outfit and the Homurahara light brown uniform that seeing her in this new one was a bit weird.

Certainly not unpleasant but still a bit weird.

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden – Christmas Eve: Yukiko